Agricultural Insurance

Crop Insurance

Buying a crop insurance policy is a risk management tool available to agricultural producers. Let Tarpon Blue Insurance educate and inform you how a policy will work in conjunction with your other risk management strategies to ensure the best possible financial outcome each crop year.

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Apiculture Pilot Insurance

Apiculture Pilot Insurance (API) provides a safety net for beekeepers’ primary income sources – honey, pollen collection, wax, and breeding stock. Apiculture systems consist of different types of plants or crops and often contain a mixture of different species, each with different conditions necessary to maintain plant growth over extended periods of time. Apiculture Pilot Insurance was designed to provide maximum flexibility to cover these diverse situations.

Cattle & Pasture

Livestock Price Insurance is available for swine, cattle, lambs, and milk. These policies are to insure against declining market prices of livestock – coverage is determined using future and options pricing from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group. This includes Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) & Livestock Gross Margin (LGM).

Pasture, Rangeland & Forage (PRF) provides protection to livestock and forage producers against the lack of rainfall in their grazing or growing operation.

Row Crops

Row crops are crops planted in rows wide enough to be tilled or cultivated by agricultural machinery tailored for the seasonal activities of the crops. These crops are sown by drilling rather than broadcasting.

The row crops we insure are barley bean, buckwheat, corn, cotton, cotton seed pilot, flax, grain sorghum, hybrid seed, millet, mint, oats, pea, peanut, popcorn, potato, rye, soybeans, sugar beet, sugar beet pilot, tobacco, and wheat.

Specialty Crops

Specialty crops are cultivated or managed and used by people for human consumption. This includes fruits and vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits, horticulture, and nursery crops.

Specialty crops we insure are almond, apiculture, apple, avocado, banana, bell pepper, blueberry, cabbage, cherry, citrus, coffee, cranberry, cucumber, fig, grape, macadamia, mustard, olive, onion, papaya, peach, pear, pecan, pistachio, plum, strawberry, sweet corn, sweet potato, tomato, and walnut.

Whole-Farm Revenue Protection

Whole-Farm Revenue Protection provides insurance for all commodities on a farm under one insurance policy. Plans include up to $8.5 million in insured revenue and can be tailored to farms with specialty or organic commodities; or those marketing to local, regional, and farm-identity preserved specialty or direct markets.

Wholesale Nursery

A nursery is a business enterprise deriving at least 50% of its gross income from the marketing of wholesale plants. With a Nursery Insurance Policy, you can insure all plants and plant types in each practice in your nursery to protect your valuable assets.